SMB Strategy Podcast Introduction Episode – 10 Year Later

mobile-616012_640In October 2005, almost 10 years ago, I produced my first podcast. Well, at least it was the first one I actually released to the public. Over an 8 month period, I would produce 17 episodes of the SMB Strategy Cast, which would get a bulk of the listeners through iTunes. The podcast revolved around business plan writing, but also touched on podcasting as a business. There is still value in how I broke up the main sections of a business plan for the podcast and I believe that the shorter business plan that I recommended at the time is even more relevant today.

The podcasts are no longer available on iTunes, but at their peek, a couple years after the last episode, they were getting over 3,000 listeners a week… or at least downloads. There is a link to the first podcast at the end of the show notes, and all the episodes can be found here – SMB Strategy Podcast

Here is the entire post, as it appeared back in 2005, for the first episode, including a link to the first episode that is still active…

SMB Strategy Podcast – Introduction

  • Podcast Description – Covers business strategy topics that pertain to startup, small and medium business.
  • Publishing – 10 Minutes in length 1 or 2 times per week.
  • Upcoming episodes cover the business plan for startups as well as seasoned companies.
  • XML Feed and show notes will be added soon.
  • Send feedback, comments, and questions to
  • Castblaster – The software used to create this Podcast is available at – Unfortunately these guys are long gone.
  • Download the first episode – SMB Strategy Cast Introduction

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