Print & Digital Subscription Newsletter #1 – Content is King


ipad-606766_640It is finally here, the first issue of the Print and Digital Subscription Newsletter. It took a couple extra weeks, but I hope it is worth the wait.

The goal of this newsletter is to explore the strategy behind delivering great print and digital subscriptions. I spend a good amount of time working with subscription products and services, I will be able to bring real world experience into this newsletter. Plus, this newsletter is a subscription product itself, your are all my guinea pigs.

I have decided to keep the newsletter short and simple to start and will try to deliver it weekly. Ultimately, where this newsletter goes is up to you. Tell me what you want to see in this newsletter by filling out the form at the bottom of this post or sending an email to


A lesson that I learn over and over is that subscribers are easier to come by when the content is compelling. (Tweet This!) For example, Archie Comics re-launched the Archie comic after over 70 years and 666 issues with a new issue #1 in July. The re-boot included a creative team that did not previously work on the Archie title and it was big news in the Comics World. But, the story was so compelling that it became a mainstream story. You can read more about Archie #1 here.

Archie and the other two big comic publishers, Marvel and DC, have been offering comics as a subscription for years. We will touch on these guys again in later issue, but the take away for today:
  • Did you hear about Archie #1 prior to this newsletter?
  • If yes, do you remember the last time you heard about Archie?
  • Did you click on the link above to read more about Archie?
With more eyes on Archie, there is more opportunity for them to sell subscriptions whether they are print or digital. Do you have a compelling story to tell to draw in the audience to your subscription?

To sign up send us an email at with “Sign Me Up” in the subject, sign up in the pesky email box that floats around this site from time-to-time, or fill out the form below. If you use the form below, take the time to tell us what you are interested in seeing in the newsletter.

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