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At Eagle, we complete projects in a broad range of areas throughout any given year. For a complete list of the areas we cover for small and medium businesses, take a look at our Technology Consulting page. Here is a list of Current Projects we are working on now:

  • Web Site – re-designing and moving an existing travel website from legacy content management software to WordPress.
  • Warehouse Outsourcing – move an in-house warehouse to a 3PL provider. Update inventory, fulfillment and customer support processes and systems to support the move.
  • QuickBooks – upgrade a client from Quickbooks 2012 Enterprise to Quickbooks 2014 Enterprise with Inventory Control on a hosted environment. Having Quickbooks in a hosted environment will allow for secure remote access to QuickBooks while eliminating the need to maintain an on-site server. Learn more about Eagle’s QuickBooks Consulting.
  • Yahoo Store Reporting – develop an Access Database that pulls data from a Yahoo Store and creates a sales dashboard and generates ad hoc reports.
  • Subscription Fulfillment – transition a publisher of 18 publications from a legacy subscription system to a Software as a Service (SAAS) Solution. As part of the project, we are reviewing current sales, marketing, and fulfillment processes and re-engineering for best practices and match with the new software.

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Learn More About Current Projects

We have begun including snapshots of current projects in our blog under the “NOW” category. The posts on Current Projects are mini case studies that we will update as the engagement progresses. You can see the Current Projects archive here. As always, you can use the “Chat with us” link in the bottom right corner of your browser to ask any questions.