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Free Business Worksheet: Start organizing your business right now by answering the questions Eagle uses to complete Business Plans for clients.

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What is the FREE Business Worksheet?

The Free Business Worksheet is a breakdown of the questions Eagle asks clients when binging a business strategy project. The questions are broken up into topics that line up with each sections of a business plan. Once completed, you will have an outline of your business plan. The Business Worksheet also includes links to more resources.

What is a Business Plan?

The business plan is an organic document that changes and grows with an organization. It should never be thought of as a document to serve one purpose like secure financial backing, and then left to collect dust.

The Business Plan puts the strategy and goals of a business in writing. It is the most important document for any startup, small business, and existing company.

How is a Business Plan Used?

Each section of the Business Plan can be utilized by various stakeholders both internally and externally. For example, an investor or manager will look at the Financial Plan section to review the company’s financial goals and milestones to monitor the success of the company.

Another example is one can look at the Marketing Plan at different time frames (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) after the Business Plan was written and determine how well the business has penetrated the target markets defined in the plan.

How can I get the Free Business Plan Outline?

The free Business Plan Outline is the same document used by Eagle Strategy Group. We use this outline to complete plans with our business coaching clients. Just click on the “Gimmie My Business Plan Outline!” button to get started now!

get my business cheat sheet